Summer 2012 is nearly here, and the time has come to get a heads up on what the hot new styles of sunglasses will be in 2011.For general purpose, go with grey, grey-green or brown, says Dr. Ralph Chou, associate professor of  cheap oakley sunglasses optometry on the University of Waterloos School of Optometry and Vision Science. Those tints allow you to see true colour an important feature as you rapidly approach an intersection with a flashing light. Designers, celebrities and consumers are currently hunting for this  discount oakley sunglasses years hottest summer fashions, and finding out which sunglasses will be in vogue this year is at the forefront of this fashion information frenzy.Some people favour yellowish tints which block blue light. Some evidence links prolonged blue light exposure with age-related macular  burberry outlet,cheap burberry handbags online degeneration. But a jaundiced view of traffic signals can be a more immediate health hazard. Optometrist Chou says some patients prefer a yellowish lens when playing sports activities, such as golf, archery or competitive shooting, that require sharp object definition. So will  Air Max Jordan Fusions Men Shoes the coolest style be something totally brand new ? Nicely maybe not, years gone by, have taught us than new sunglasses trends are usually spins off’s, of previously worn styles, as the saying goes ” If it isn’t broke, why fix it ? “.